Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mills Park Middle and Lufkin Road Middle: Mt. Everest and hula hoops

We'll admit it. We were so excited to see everyone at Convergence on Monday and Tuesday that we missed sharing our excitement over two library media programs as part of our ongoing School Library Month celebration. So... We're doubling up today and tomorrow to make amends and to ensure that we squeeze in everyone who has answered our casting call.

First up today is Mills Park Middle School, home of the leopards, where Mindy Tomasevich and Kim Shelton form a dynamic school library media coordinator team to serve the largest middle school student population in the district. Their work is never dull or boring as students pour in and out of the library media center all day. Taking a look at their video, we can see why too. With so many great collaborations with teachers and grade levels that bring in classes, special events like author visits and expert guests beaming in via Skype, and interactive activities and displays for students, there is a constant buzz in the room of learning and fun. Next time you talk to climbers on Everest, let us know. It'll be the closest we ever get to checking "reaching the summit" off of our bucket list.

Heading down the road, we're visiting Lufkin Road Middle School, home of the lightning. At the helm of the Lufkin Road Library Media Center is Diane Ruby, a talented library media coordinator who has worked hard to develop a library media program in a nontraditional library space. Watching this video, we've learned two things: 1. there are some talented students at this school, and 2. there are middle school kids who get as excited as we do about unpacking boxes of new books. Earlier this month, we saw the student who could dunk a basketball while reading; today, we have a response to that challenge--hula-hooping while reading. Boom.

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