Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hives of Activity: Holly Grove Middle School and West Lake Middle School

#slm17: The great part about working in a middle school library media center is that no two days are ever alike. Whether it's because of the activities or the students, the work is never dull or repetitive. It's also been said that to work in a middle school, it takes a special kind of person--sometimes a special kind of crazy. 

Today, we are featuring two library media coordinators who thrive in their middle school environments and who have created programs and spaces that reflect the flexibility necessary to engage students, invite collaboration with staff, and keep up with the ebb and flow of life between the ages of 11 and 14. Thank you to Angel Murdock at Holly Grove Middle and Kelli Jones at West Lake Middle for their dedication to adapting their professional practice to serve their school communities.

As you take a look at the videos from these schools, note the phenomenal, out-of-this-world displays at Holly Grove and the student choice at West Lake Middle. You'll also notice the digital instruction as well as student collaboration throughout the media centers. These are active, humming places--exactly what it takes to foster successful middle school library media programs. 

Holly Grove Middle School Video Link

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