Monday, April 3, 2017

Hilburn Academy - Engaged Readers, Thinkers, and Creators

In honor of School Library Month (April) 2017, WCPSS ITLMS is highlighting and celebrating library media programs across the school district.
A member of the NC STEM Collaboration Network and the district's only PreK-8 program, Hilburn Academy is known for its application of the Engineering Design Process, project-based learning, and authentic use of technology. The school's focus and initiatives take center stage in its library media program where students display ownership and engagement with the space and its resources. Discovery abounds as students get lost in books, solve problems with manipulatives, design and create unique products, and express visions through artwork and construction.
And to the students who created the phenomenal bubble wands--where can we get some of those? We're pretty sure our team would love to play with your creations. Scratch that. We're pretty sure everyone attending Convergence would love to test out your bubble wands to see what crazy shapes they make.
The video is courtesy of Sharon Freeze, Hilburn Academy school library media coordinator. Thank you, Sharon!

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