Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Collaboration at Forestville Road Elementary

The best student learning occurs when school library media coordinators collaborate with classroom teachers to create meaningful lessons that integrate research and literacy skills. Today, we applaud the collaboration efforts of Sharon Hart, school library media coordinator at Forestville Rd. Elementary School in Knightdale. Sharon helps support a climate and culture of reading at the school by creating opportunities for students to explore and discover their personal preferences for different types of texts through activities like the "book tasting" pictured below.

In addition to helping students develop a taste for books, Sharon also nurtures their curiosity by collaborating with teachers to integrate research into their science instruction. Her students learn that the investigate step of the eWISE model can include a variety of methods for gathering information, including hands-on scientific observation. 

Thanks, Sharon, for the work you do to provide a well-rounded school library program to support and enhance learning at Forestville Road!

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