Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mobile technology - should it change what we do?

Mobile technology is changing the landscape of the business world. What about our instructional world? Should it? Or should that be "life outside of school?"

I was reading a mobile predictions report about trends in mobile technology published by Forrester Research Inc. I know, not the kind of thing you read every day, but I thought it might provide some insight about where our thinking should be with regards to mobile technology looking forward. Some key phrases jumped out at me as something we need to pay attention to: "ubiquitous devices
with perpetual connectivity" and "The intersection of mobile with the physical world will emerge as a top priority" (p.2). As I continued to read, this really struck me as applicable in our context:

"Mobile is transformative, but only if you can engage your consumers in their exact moment of need, which we refer to as a “mobile moment,” with the right services, content, or information. Not only do you need to understand their context (e.g., situation, preferences, or emotions) in that moment but you also need insights gleaned from data over time to know how to best serve them in that moment."(p.3)

They're describing the power of marketing at point of need. Isn't that when learners really learn? At the very core, they are describing differentiating the experience for each individual. Education is not the only industry moving toward personalization. This statement is a distinct shift away from one size fits all and everyone learns everything at the same time. So how do we apply the research of the business world to our context? Should we? I would argue that we should learn from observing all around us - and that includes business marketing and mobile strategies. If 61% of teens own an iPhone (Piper Jaffrey, p.4), that should change everything.

One last thought from the introduction of Predictions 2014 - "[Marketers] must leverage current context and insights to evolve their ability to serve customers in their mobile moments. Static experiences will fall flat."

I love the line "Static experiences will fall flat." That's true in any context in true.

Keep moving forward.

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"27th Semi-Annual Taking Stock with Teens Survey, Spring 2014." Piper Jaffray. April 9, 2014.

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