Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Gets the Most Attention?

We've been talking a bit lately about strengths and how a team needs people with different strengths. We all bring something to the table. I have been thinking about that a lot in the context of children. We're all teachers at some level and many of us are also parents - and we certainly serve as parents for many of our students along the way...
How do we help support them in their passions? How do we figure out what makes a child tick then put him in a position to experience success? What we focus on in students can be an influence. Most of us can think of a teacher who ignited passion in us, or one who completely put out the only spark we had.

Monday, May 12, 2014

School Media Spotlight

Recently, 8th grade students at Durant Road Middle school completed an enrichment project in which they conducted an oral history interview with a family member, wrote a unique focus question inspired by their interest in their own family history, explored primary and secondary source documents to gather information and images supporting that focus, and culminated their results using an online tool that best expresses their findings to others. 

The project was the result of collaboration between the media specialist Ms. Ziller and social studies teacher Ms. Richardson at DRMS. Students demonstrated competence with a variety of presentation tools such as Animoto, Haiku Deck, and Glogster while they gained valuable experience speaking in front of a crowd. Going forward, all student work will be published in an iBook.