Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Bigger Picture

I spent much of my time as a classroom teacher, encouraging my students to 'see the big picture' when reading literature, magazines, news articles, digital information, and investigating and researching information. My greatest thrill was the feeling of achievement when my students became passionate about their learning, the young man who found NASA's satellite images and used them to determine the level of deforestation in South America rain forests over a span of time, another who compared the nuclear damage caused during the Chernoble meltdown to the bombs Americans dropped on Japan during World War II, the girls who learned that in more than a few countries, girls their same age are sometimes sold into prostitution by blood relatives.

When I learned the man who started the online shopping company, Amazon, purchased the Washington Post, I was forced to pause. How often does capitalism cross paths with the people we trust to report the news, the facts, the unbiased truths. Robert Frost's poems influenced me to take paths through life that are less popular, make my own path in life. I feel it is important to do the same when consuming information. After all, news is one person's interpretation, a single perspective. Like my students, I need to take many sources into account and analyze the big picture before reaching conclusions.

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