Sunday, August 11, 2013

Branding Your School

We often think of marketing and advertisements when referring to branding. But when it comes to visible learning in education, branding has the potential to build relationships and support learning.

I was inspired to write this after reading Tony Sinanis' blog. Tony (@Cantiague_Lead) is the principal of Cantiague Elementary in NY. As a school leader with an iPad in tow, Tony stepped away from his office to capture the daily learning opportunities taking place all over his school. He uses Twitter to publicly post, hence communicating with parents, the community and branding student learning and teacher involvement in a positive spotlight. Tony used Storify to pull the school Tweets together, wrapping them into one neat package that is easily accessible and readable by all interested parties. Take a look at Cantiague's Week in Tweets (June 7). The Tweets speak for themselves.

Communicating school happenings is one way to create an open-door policy that invites the public in, without diminishing security. This kind of branding sends the message, I am proud to show others what is happening in my classroom and in my school! My students are important, they are challenged, and they are working hard every day. Celebrating is an important part of learning. This is a great elementary example of how branding your school's image will help build relationships between school, home and community as well as support learning on many levels. I truly believe replicating this model at the secondary level will have the same positive effects! Educational leaders: step away from your office, grab a mobile device and begin branding the countless wonderful learning activities, taking place right now in your school.
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  1. Kristy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your post with us! I also appreciate the shout out- glad the ideas shared in my school branding post inspired others. I feel like we often forget how much "control" we have and we should use it to spread the word about all the awesomeness unfolding in our schools! Communication is key and telling our stories should be the number 1 priority!
    Thanks again for the reminder!

  2. Kristy,

    This is great and also a great shout out to my buddy, Tony. Branding is so important and I am real excited to brand my school this year and share so many positive things we do day in and day out. Thank you again for sharing!

    Vicki Day