Monday, August 26, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?  We have all either heard or uttered those words on a vacation at some point.  With summer vacation ending, my thoughts wander to all those wonderful destinations that I travelled to over the years.  

My greatest journey has been my education.  But, with education, I don’t think we are ever “there.”  Education is about the journey.  It is about trying out new lessons, and sometimes watching them fail.  It is from the failures that I have learned the most.  Teaching is about analyzing our best lessons, improving them, and making them more engaging.  When I get to a point in my teaching that I feel I am almost “there,” that is when I most long for a change.  If I become stagnant in what I teach, I feel that my students will become stagnant in what they learn.  

As you begin the new school year, think about where you are.  If you think you are there, maybe you need to change your lens and widen your view.  Expand your professional learning community.  Look to others that are doing things differently.  Take a chance on a new way of teaching.  Let your students see you struggle, fail, and get back up again.  Our students need to see that failure is not an end point, it is a new beginning.  Learning is about getting up and trying again.  

Good luck in the new year -- and find a way to change your lens!

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