Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rich Professional Learning

Yesterday, I had the privilege of working with a fantastic group of teachers as they began their journey along a new style of Professional Development called Teacher Leader Corp. TLC is a district initiative whereby principals each chose four teachers, who are currently NOT already in a leadership role, to experience five fully-integrated hands-on days (per year) of learner centered and rigorous instruction as a regional subset of the larger Professional Learning Network. The four teachers collaborate with other like-minded teachers face-to-face and online. They learn together and make plans for how they will teach the staff when back at school. Think of it like a giant jig-saw approach to PD. 

Not only are the TLC teachers building capacity in colleagues, they are honing their own teaching and leadership skills. The clear focus here is on making learning visible, rich, and engaging for students. Providing the teachers with professional learning that puts them in the student seat, re-engages them to feel empathy for students as they design organic and fluid lessons. 

It is very clear to me that the group of teachers chosen to participate in the TLC are a perfect fit for being the leaders in their schools to support and promote the pedagogical shifts that will take place! 

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