Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are You A Happy Person?

The word happiness holds a variety of meanings to individual people. How often are such terms over-used or worse, incorrectly used to describe a brief thrill or temporary state of excitement. Where does real happiness come from? For most educators, true glee comes when other educators display excitement as they explore lesson planning options. The realization they will impact student learning is exhilarating! They feel joy when they run into former students, years later and recall fun memories shared by both teacher and student. They knew the kids so well, they recall unique characteristics that made them smile years before. This week, I have experienced several discussions where educators describe the great importance for building relationships with students. This all sounds spot-on to me. 

So what do happy people never do? I think I found the answer to that question while reading blogs on LinkedIn. Perhaps you will agree:

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