Thursday, June 13, 2013

What is Padagogy?

As schools attempt to keep up with technology innovation, the iPad has become one way schools are spending their technology dollars.  I have worked with teachers to incorporate the iPads in special needs classrooms utilizing applications that enhance accessibility.  But how can the iPad be used in all classrooms?  With so many apps, I find that I am searching endlessly for apps that meet higher level thinking skills.  

I recently came across a blog post that highlighted "The Padagogy Wheel V3.0" developed by Allan Carrington.  This wheel contains the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy along with the action verbs for each level.  Carrington also includes activities for each level, as well as iPad Apps that could be utilized.  While this in no way is an inclusive list, it does give teachers a starting point.

Instructional Technology needs to focus on the instruction first and foremost.  Many of the action verbs can be pulled directly from the curriculum, the standard course of study, the essential standards, or the common core.  When looking at these verbs, it is helpful to see the activities that might correlate and the apps that could be used to create a final project.  

The Padagogy Wheel was very helpful for me as I look for more engaging ways to use an iPad in classrooms.  I hope you will find it helpful also.

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  1. Love this graphic! I love that Mr. Carrington included the SAMR model around the outside!