Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where's the Teacher?

We are often asked what a 21st Century Classroom looks like.

Here's my vision.....
Imagine walking in a classroom, and really having to search for the teacher. Students are talking with each other, some sitting on the floor, others gathered around a device of some kind, one group working together on the interactive whiteboard. You look around and you still cannot find the teacher.

As you walk through the classroom, you hear the students sharing ideas with each other, discussing content, asking each other questions. – a vision of student engagement. You ask the students what they are learning and their responses are enthusiastic, with students talking over one another in excitement.

Eventually you locate the teacher working with a small group in the corner of the room. The teacher then finds his way over to other groups of students to ask guiding questions about their learning.

As this class period ends the students talk about how they will continue working with each other outside of class time via Edmodo, Twitter, PBWorks, etc.  

Where is the teacher? Everywhere! The teacher is there when the planning for the learning takes place.  The teacher is there as the students work in groups to meet the demands of the rubric they created. The teacher is there to provide a safe environment for the students to make mistakes. The teacher is there as a facilitator as the students own their learning.

That’s where the teacher is!

Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

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