Monday, February 25, 2013

North Carolina Children's Book Award

It's that time of year again! North Carolina school and public libraries are asking the quintessential reviewers of children's literature, our kids, to choose the best of the best for the 2013 North Carolina Children's Book Award winners. 
The North Carolina Children's Book Award began in 1992. Each year children throughout the state vote for their favorite books from lists of titles that the North Carolina Library Association's children's committee have chosen from nominees submitted by students. In every sense of the word, the NCCBA winner is children's book award, from beginning to end.

Students all over the state of North Carolina have been reading or hearing the wonderful books on the NCCBA list read to them for months now. This year there are 12 titles in the picture book category ranging from delightful peas that illustrate the alphabet to a cow that eats cookies. The junior book category takes readers on a journey through 13 titles, from a youth scrabble tournament, to poems of peace, to a young mouse on his own journey home.

Go to the NCCBA website at the link below and check out the nominees for 2013. No, seriously, check them out at your library! Read, enjoy and find your favorites.

When you're reading these wonderful books, keep in mind that picture books are not just for elementary school students. It is amazing how students at middle and high school levels enjoy having a picture book read to them. Use the books for a launching point for a writing project, or a social studies lesson, or a science project (think Bartholomew and the Oobleck), or any other subject!

I know that my children will always hold dear their high school band director's reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, each year right before winter break. Find time to share your favorite books with your students. Embrace the child within you and your students.

When the 2013 NCCBA winners are announced, I'll share with the group so that you can see where your choices stack up against the "authoritative" reviewers!

North Carolina Children's Book Award Website at Beehive

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