Friday, April 28, 2017

Large spaces, small spaces, and virtual spaces: Celebrating the Library Media Programs at Alston Ridge ES, Richland Creek ES, and Wilburn ES

No two of our library programs are alike. Rightly so, since they function to meet the needs of our unique schools. To round out our recognition of school library month, we feature 3 unique elementary library programs that work to enhance learning in each of their schools in different ways.

Alston Ridge Elementary boasts one of our largest enrollments at the elementary school level. As a result, Lindsay Stetson's media center is bursting at the seams with activity (and people!). Her space truly exemplifies how multiple things can happen in the media center at the same time: circulation, media classes, technology classes, small group intervention, and more. Lindsay has a great mindset about all the bustle--she sees it as giving her increased opportunities for collaboration. 

Across the county, Richland Creek is home to a much smaller school community. Laura Herman is able to create specialized clubs for her students in addition to their regular instructional time in the library. Just look at the smiles on the faces of these students in the Elephant and Piggie book club!

With her background in programming, Laura also especially loves incorporating makerspace and coding activities into the media center. 


Finally, at Wilburn Elementary, Ivelisse Maldonado's students engage with literature both physically and virtually. Ivelisse uses augmented reality to get students excited about reading, and even took a group of students to present about their project at NCTIES. Take a look at the video she created to capture their experience sharing their learning outside of their school!

Thanks to these media coordinators, and all of the others throughout Wake County, who work to provide unique, engaging programs that meet the specific needs of their school communities!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bonus: Who Says High School Students Don't Read?

Before we close out #slm17 for the WCPSS middle and high schools, we wanted to share these images from Sanderson High School. Who reads? SPARTANS READ!

Celebrating National Poetry Month at Daniels Middle School

April is a pretty outstanding month to be a school library media coordinator. Not only is it School Library Month, but it is also National Poetry Month. Many WCPSS library media programs hold poetry slams, sponsor poetry writing contests, promote "Poem in my Pocket" days, and creatively display poetry throughout the library media center.

Today, library media coordinator Kathy McDaniel shares the fantastic "book spine poetry" created by 8th grade students at Daniels Middle School. Book spine poetry falls into the larger category of "found poetry." According to Scholastic, found poetry includes "poems made up of text lifted from different sources." In this case, Kathy helped her students source the titles of books already in the library media center to be the building blocks of their poems. 

Take a look at what they wrote:

Library Transformation in Progress: Durant Road Middle School

When Amy Myers, library media coordinator, took the job at Durant Road Middle School this year, it wasn't a new library media center to her. She had worked there years before and felt that it was a homecoming, a return to a place she liked and a place in which she saw great potential. Inheriting a historically strong library media program, Amy was ready to infuse her own personality and vision.

Taking a look at the photos from Durant Road Middle, it is clear that a lot has been happening in the past months to begin the transformation. From colorful displays to a therapy dog program to new pieces of furniture, the library media program and the space have begun to take on new life. (We're particularly excited about the removal of the old security gates--hello, accessibility!) However, the work is not done yet. As a recipient of the Active Learning Spaces funding, Durant Road Middle looks to incorporate more changes in the year ahead to increase creative outlets for students and to design a vibrant space that is both welcoming and facilitative of the type of learning activities that allow flexibility to meet students' needs.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hives of Activity: Holly Grove Middle School and West Lake Middle School

#slm17: The great part about working in a middle school library media center is that no two days are ever alike. Whether it's because of the activities or the students, the work is never dull or repetitive. It's also been said that to work in a middle school, it takes a special kind of person--sometimes a special kind of crazy. 

Today, we are featuring two library media coordinators who thrive in their middle school environments and who have created programs and spaces that reflect the flexibility necessary to engage students, invite collaboration with staff, and keep up with the ebb and flow of life between the ages of 11 and 14. Thank you to Angel Murdock at Holly Grove Middle and Kelli Jones at West Lake Middle for their dedication to adapting their professional practice to serve their school communities.

As you take a look at the videos from these schools, note the phenomenal, out-of-this-world displays at Holly Grove and the student choice at West Lake Middle. You'll also notice the digital instruction as well as student collaboration throughout the media centers. These are active, humming places--exactly what it takes to foster successful middle school library media programs. 

Holly Grove Middle School Video Link

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Charting new territory at Scotts Ridge and Pleasant Grove Elementary

It takes a lot of bravery and a spirit of adventure to chart new territory. Not only are Scotts Ridge Elementary and Pleasant Grove Elementary two of our newer school libraries, they are led by two of our newer school librarians!

Stephanie Powell leads the Sailors at Scotts Ridge in exploration. She sets an example as a lifelong learner who isn't afraid to try new things, whether its robotics or author visits!

Lisa Woodard is helping the Fliers at PGES soar to new heights in their brand new library. With support from her PLT, Lisa is always learning and looking for ways to make the most of her experience managing a new space.

Opening a new library means creating processes and procedures from scratch, and helping to build the culture of the school. They're certainly helping to create a culture that embraces wonder. Under their direction, students and teachers at these schools work collaboratively to experiment with new technology tools and follow their curiosities. We'll continue to watch closely to see where their adventures take them!

Scotts Ridge Video

Monday, April 24, 2017

Creating dynamic library media programs at Powell and Reedy Creek Elementary

If you're looking for some great examples of the 4C's at work in the library, take a look at these two feature elementary programs!

Powell Elementary embraced a new magnet theme this year--Play and Ingenuity! We know that their media coordinator, Jessica Gill has enjoyed the challenge of incorporating this theme into the media center. In additional to some fun design ideas (part of the room is a "Collaboratory"--so fitting for the magnet theme!) this video shows students using critical thinking to create and design games in the media center! Can we come play, too?! 

Jessica Gill's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

Reedy Creek Elementary's library is full of creativity as well! If you attended her poetry session at convergence, you saw first hand that Erin Wasko is a treasure trove of great ideas! This video she shares highlights the fun displays and inquiry-based lessons that Erin leads in her library. We personally would love to hear more about the 5th grade invasive species research--how cool!

Thanks, Erin and Jessica, for all of the hard work you put forth in creating exciting opportunities for students to collaborate, think critically, communicate their ideas, and show off their creativity! We celebrate you and your impact on student learning at your schools!