Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Charting new territory at Scotts Ridge and Pleasant Grove Elementary

It takes a lot of bravery and a spirit of adventure to chart new territory. Not only are Scotts Ridge Elementary and Pleasant Grove Elementary two of our newer school libraries, they are led by two of our newer school librarians!

Stephanie Powell leads the Sailors at Scotts Ridge in exploration. She sets an example as a lifelong learner who isn't afraid to try new things, whether its robotics or author visits!

Lisa Woodard is helping the Fliers at PGES soar to new heights in their brand new library. With support from her PLT, Lisa is always learning and looking for ways to make the most of her experience managing a new space.

Opening a new library means creating processes and procedures from scratch, and helping to build the culture of the school. They're certainly helping to create a culture that embraces wonder. Under their direction, students and teachers at these schools work collaboratively to experiment with new technology tools and follow their curiosities. We'll continue to watch closely to see where their adventures take them!

Scotts Ridge Video


Monday, April 24, 2017

Creating dynamic library media programs at Powell and Reedy Creek Elementary

If you're looking for some great examples of the 4C's at work in the library, take a look at these two feature elementary programs!

Powell Elementary embraced a new magnet theme this year--Play and Ingenuity! We know that their media coordinator, Jessica Gill has enjoyed the challenge of incorporating this theme into the media center. In additional to some fun design ideas (part of the room is a "Collaboratory"--so fitting for the magnet theme!) this video shows students using critical thinking to create and design games in the media center! Can we come play, too?! 

Jessica Gill's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

Reedy Creek Elementary's library is full of creativity as well! If you attended her poetry session at convergence, you saw first hand that Erin Wasko is a treasure trove of great ideas! This video she shares highlights the fun displays and inquiry-based lessons that Erin leads in her library. We personally would love to hear more about the 5th grade invasive species research--how cool!


Thanks, Erin and Jessica, for all of the hard work you put forth in creating exciting opportunities for students to collaborate, think critically, communicate their ideas, and show off their creativity! We celebrate you and your impact on student learning at your schools!

The Old Makes Way for New: Fuquay-Varina High School and Apex High School

School Library Month still has a week to go, and we've saved some great school library media programs to round out a stellar month of celebrating the students and staff of WCPSS. 

On this Monday, we're not letting the soggy weather get us down. Instead, we're heading into the heart of two fantastic high school library media centers that have a few things in common. 1. Both Fuquay-Varina High and Apex High share the same basic school design. 2. Both schools are also on the schedule for upcoming major renovations, which will give them entirely new library media centers.

We want to celebrate the work of the library media coordinators at both of these schools--Blake Norby & Allie McAuley (FVHS) and Heather Munger & Patricia Evans (AHS)--to transform their programs in advance of their upcoming major moves and renovations. These women are consummate professionals who advocate strongly for their students and their programs. We cannot wait to see what they're able to do in the years to come and know that they'll take their school communities through the next phases of change with loads of student input and visionary best practice.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mills Park Middle and Lufkin Road Middle: Mt. Everest and hula hoops

We'll admit it. We were so excited to see everyone at Convergence on Monday and Tuesday that we missed sharing our excitement over two library media programs as part of our ongoing School Library Month celebration. So... We're doubling up today and tomorrow to make amends and to ensure that we squeeze in everyone who has answered our casting call.

First up today is Mills Park Middle School, home of the leopards, where Mindy Tomasevich and Kim Shelton form a dynamic school library media coordinator team to serve the largest middle school student population in the district. Their work is never dull or boring as students pour in and out of the library media center all day. Taking a look at their video, we can see why too. With so many great collaborations with teachers and grade levels that bring in classes, special events like author visits and expert guests beaming in via Skype, and interactive activities and displays for students, there is a constant buzz in the room of learning and fun. Next time you talk to climbers on Everest, let us know. It'll be the closest we ever get to checking "reaching the summit" off of our bucket list.


Heading down the road, we're visiting Lufkin Road Middle School, home of the lightning. At the helm of the Lufkin Road Library Media Center is Diane Ruby, a talented library media coordinator who has worked hard to develop a library media program in a nontraditional library space. Watching this video, we've learned two things: 1. there are some talented students at this school, and 2. there are middle school kids who get as excited as we do about unpacking boxes of new books. Earlier this month, we saw the student who could dunk a basketball while reading; today, we have a response to that challenge--hula-hooping while reading. Boom.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Collaboration at Forestville Road Elementary

The best student learning occurs when school library media coordinators collaborate with classroom teachers to create meaningful lessons that integrate research and literacy skills. Today, we applaud the collaboration efforts of Sharon Hart, school library media coordinator at Forestville Rd. Elementary School in Knightdale. Sharon helps support a climate and culture of reading at the school by creating opportunities for students to explore and discover their personal preferences for different types of texts through activities like the "book tasting" pictured below.

In addition to helping students develop a taste for books, Sharon also nurtures their curiosity by collaborating with teachers to integrate research into their science instruction. Her students learn that the investigate step of the eWISE model can include a variety of methods for gathering information, including hands-on scientific observation. 

Thanks, Sharon, for the work you do to provide a well-rounded school library program to support and enhance learning at Forestville Road!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Need a Book? Take a Look at East Cary Middle School!

Whether it's Spring Break or a long weekend, having days off is a great time to catch up on reading. No assignments, no quizzes, no reports or projects. It's time to kick back for uninterrupted independent reading, and we know that the students at East Cary Middle School know just where to go to find a good book and perhaps a little inspiration too to get creative, to get crafty, and to run into a friend--the library media center! 

Library media coordinator Deanna Harris takes us on a journey around the ECMS library media center where if you look high and low you'll find something interesting like nuggets of information or directions to read alikes. Since research shows how independent reading activity declines heavily when students reach middle school, it's encouraging to see photos like these of students engaging with the library media center.

Follow this link to view the slideshow:

Speaking of time to read...we're off for a long weekend, and we look forward to seeing everyone at Convergence on Monday, April 17, and Tuesday, April 18. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wiley ES Library--a Rich History and Bright Future!

The library at Wiley Elementary is rich with history. The school is over 100 years old, and the library is located in what was originally a theater. Just take a look at the architecture in this image: Those windows. That moulding. It's not shown in the pictures, but y'all, there's a stage with a proscenium arch!

The librarian at Wiley, Lynn Christiansen, has shared these pictures of an average day in her media center. She balances the tradition and history of the space with innovative and forward-thinking library programming. The students at Wiley find quiet corners and nooks to read in, and fun ways to experiment and express themselves.

      We're excited that Lynn moved to North Carolina this year and joined our #wonderwake family! We can't wait to see what the future holds for her and the Wiley ES library!